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□ 논문 구축현황(2020-07-12 기준)
구분 국내 국외
논문수 732,603 306,667
저널수 1024 -

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  • 485임상의학
  • 102예방의학/
  • 84기초의학
  • 74치의학
  • 67간호학
  • 63기타의학
  • 62한의학
  • 33기타
  • 32약학
  • 19수의학
  • 13-Week repeated oral dose toxicity study on mixture of Korean red ginseng and deer antler extract in Sprague-Dawley rats  
  • :Suh Jae-Hyun Toxicological Research 2020

  • Thirteen-week inhalation toxicity study of 1-methylnaphthalene in F344 rats  
  • 김용순:Kim Yong-Soon Toxicological Research 2020

  • Very low dose naltrexone in opioid detoxification: a double-blind, randomized clinical trial of efficacy and safety  
  • :Afshari Reza Toxicological Research 2020

  • Genotoxic evaluation of occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs  
  • :Aristizabal-Pachon Andres Felipe Toxicological Research 2020

  • Momordica charantia mitigates hepatic injury following adjuvant treatment with antiretroviral drugs in diabetic animal models  
  • :Offor Ugochukwu Toxicological Research 2020

  • Food toxicity assessment of selected canned foods in Nigeria  
  • :Ainerua Martins O. Toxicological Research 2020

  • The effects of particulate matters inhalation exposures of prallethrin and d-phenothrin mixture in mice (Mus musculus) against exhaled carbon dioxide concentration  
  • :Santiasih Indri Toxicological Research 2020

  • Action mechanism of anti-wrinkle effect of Rhamnus yoshinoi methanol extract in human dermal fibroblast and keratinocyte cell lines  
  • :Kim Hyun-Ok Toxicological Research 2020

  • In-vivo antiproliferative activity of Morus latifolia leaf and bark extracts against Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma  
  • :Islam Md. Shihabul Toxicological Research 2020

  • Acute and 13-week subchronic toxicity studies of hot-water extract of Cynanchi wilfordii Radix in Sprague-Dawley rats  
  • :Han Chung-Tack Toxicological Research 2020